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Korean Language classes

Sign up for the language class of your choice. These classes are class-room based and you can find the time and adresses in the Semester plan

Personal info

*We need your CPR number to receive subsidies from the Copenhagen Municipality. The CPR number will not be share with anyone than the Copenhagen Municipality. You must be 18 years or older to sign-up for our courses.

Placement Test

The placement test determines you level of korean. The test is used to track both your current level and your progression. The test is mandatory for language classes (not on-line and cultural classes).

Our test is supplied by King Sejong Institute Korea and you need to register at their site

The on-line test can be found here.
Take Test

Class Selection

You can select a class preference. We advice that you select the level corresponding to your placement test result for best result.

Our Class 1A is full, and you can only sign-up for waiting list!

Material for class

You will need the correct material for your class. There are several options for how you would like to receive your material


Thank you for your sign-up. We will be in contact shortly regarding placement and payment. Please be aware that your sign-up isn't complete until payment transfer has been confirmed.


If you have received you voucher be sure to register it here for deduction from your class fee.