Our fully qualified and experienced teachers are certified with either a doctorate or master’s degree in Korean Studies /Languages. Our commitment to you is to provide the best Korean language class in Denmark.


김수미 / Kim, Su-mi

Education: M.A in language education, certified teacher of Korean as a foreign language.

Background: She moved to Denmark in 2013. She has been a high school teacher for more than 10 years in Korea. She studied in Korea, Japan, and Australia. She has taught Korean to Korean adoptee group and various people in Denmark. 


서예원 /  Seo, Ye-won

Education: BA in Korean language teaching and English language and literature. MA in higher education of language learning. Certified teacher of Korean as a foreign language.

Background: Before 서예원 came to Denmark, she worked as a teacher in a high school and a middle school in Korea for almost 3 years. She had Korean language tutoring for more than 2 years in Seoul.   She has a lot of experiences in tour guide in Seoul. She also worked as a translator and interpreter. She has Korean language teacher certificate (level 2, 2017). 


이경희 / Yi, Kyung-hee

Education: Ph. D. in Korean studies, certified teacher of Korean as a foreign language.

Background: 이경희 moved to Denmark in 2015 with her family. She has been teaching Korean as a foreign language to various groups since 2016. She is also a learner and independent user of English, Danish, and Japanese. She likes to find historical or cultural pieces in languages.


Martin Hansen

Education: About to finish BA in Korean Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Originally studied IT but followed his heart and changed his major to Korean studies after 1 year. Has been studying the Korean language for roughly 5 years – some of the time at intensive language schools in Korean universities

Background: Martin Hansen is a native Danish young man, who after high school found an interest in Korean language and culture while doing volunteer work in Israel. Since then he has continuously studied Korean culture and Korean language, and during that time has done translation work for various Korean tv-shows. On the domestic front, Martin is married to his Korean wife Sumin and has been for roughly 2 years.