Koreansk kulturcenter

Enters partnership with

King sejong hagdang

In 2020 Koreansk Kulturcenter have become the official danish representative of korean King Sejong Institute, the official government programme for teaching the world korean language and korean culture. This partnership is a great step forward in bringing serious education of the korean language to Denmark. 

certified language education

Learn Korean with native and certified Korean teachers

Cultural experiences

Learn Korean with cultural experiences not only language

king sejong

Learn more about the founder of the korean language hangul and the korean King Sejong institute

Why Koreansk Kulturcenter?

The first and only aftenskole with a focus on Korean language and culture

We aim to provide updated, authentic Korean teaching in Denmark.

We Love to work with the best

Meet our Students

"The school provides the best Korean language course I have tried in Copenhagen. The teachers are highly skilled and use great educational material in their classes"
"I have been taking Korean classes here. The lectures is for everybody, beginner or more experienced level are all able to come and learn. The teachers and other staff oriented people are all very nice people!"
stefan westenfeldt
"The school has very qualified teachers who has a passion for teaching. Classes are well structured and open to discussion"
Ida kähler
"I would definitely recommend Koreansk Kulturcenter. We learned so much grammar, vocabulary and a lot of culture tips"
Frigga Kristine Borup
"I just finished level 3 at Koreansk Kulturcenter. This has been amazing experience, we learned so much, have a little homework and we follow a good book so our class are very structured with grammar and listening etc. The teachers here are so nice and always do their best"
Adelina Cordua
"Great class​, good teacher who explain the subject really well and gives students time to learn and the teacher was really helpfull if I had to miss a class for work."
Kasper Hellesen
"Dedicated teachers, nice atmosphere, high levels"
Anette Astrup Enghoff
"I learned many important grammar points and particles. Thanks to my teacher. Their way of teaching is good"
A student
"I would definitely recommend. Engaged and patient teachers, good structure for grammar and learning points etc"
ANNA Larsen